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Daily News

Skanska sells LaGuardia P3 stake

Skanska has signed binding sale and purchase agreements for its 32% interest in LaGuardia Gateway Partners for US$115m. The buyers are partners Meridiam’s MI LaGuardia CTB unit and Vantage Airport Group.

PFI Comment

Having it both ways

Renewables project cost prices are shooting up, renewables project cost prices are collapsing. Consumers are paying a lot less for renewable generation these days as technological gains have driven costs down, which is great news. Consumers are being asked for pay a lot more for renewable generation these days which is great news. It has not all been bad news of late on the renewable costs front but some of the good news is not good news.

PFI Special Report

PFI Global Infrastructure Report 2023

Project Finance International has published its yearly Global Infrastructure Report, 52 pages of analysis on the issues and trends impacting the project finance infrastructure market. The report contains profiles of leading equity and debt investors in the sector at a time of rising interest rates and construction prices. It dives into new sectors as such EV charging and data centres and profiles more traditional sectors such as airports. PPP growth markets such as those in the Gulf are detailed To see the digital version of this report, please...

CDPQ infra portfolio grows with greenfield

CDPQ has more than tripled its infrastructure portfolio over the past five years. Infrastructure head Emmanuel Jaclot is focused on optimisation of portfolio companies and taking advantage of greenfield growth. By Alison Healey.

DIF invests in a changing world

Infrastructure equity fund manager DIF sees current high interest rates as potentially having longer-term positive implications for infrastructure investors, rather than acting as a brake on the financing of projects. By Nick Herbert.

EDRAM's BRIDGE rides the waves

Despite soaring inflation, rounds of interest rate hikes, and a war in Europe, EDRAM is making record deployments and is optimistic for its latest fund raise, BRIDGE VI. By Nick Herbert.

California EV - Phone home

The need for ubiquitous electric vehicle infrastructure poses a significant impediment to the electrification of the transportation sector in California and beyond. By Barry Epstein and Dana Palmer, Allen Matkins.

Navigating a successful US airport P3

Walking through LaGuardia Airport in 2023, you might forget that just a few years ago the terminals were woefully out of date. By Karol Denniston, global project partner, Alethia Nancoo and Catherine Romanchek, partners, public infrastructure and finance, Squire Patton Boggs.

LatAm airports back in the air

Countries across Latin America are announcing major airport investments as air travel ramps up again after the pandemic. Financings will benefit from strong support. By Nic Stone.

Bulacan to win Philippines airport race

Driven by robust economic growth and rising demand for infrastructure, the Philippines is one of a number of markets that we expect will stand out for infrastructure investment over the coming years. By Tim Kerckhoff, infrastructure analyst, BMI Research, a Fitch Solutions company.

Monetising Indian infra assets

Infrastructure Investment Trusts involve raising debt by pooled investment vehicles facilitating infrastructure asset monetisation. By Santosh Janakiram. partner, head, projects, Kranti Mohan, partner, head, REITs and InvITs and Sangita John, partner, Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas.

Lessons from Singapore data centres

It is estimated that by 2025, every person in the developed world will have at least one interaction with a data centre every 18 seconds of their life. By Alfred Ng, Rebecca Cope, Andrew Hilton and Choo Yi Ming, Ashurst ADTLaw.

OFTO model for Australia

The answer is blowin' in the wind – why Australia should look abroad for its offshore energy transmission framework. By Vaughan Wallace, Head of Asia-Pacific, Amber Infrastructure,

Construction market ebbs and flows

The construction sector is likely to remain well supported in coming years by publicly funded climate-related infrastructure projects. Increased construction activity should keep prices of building materials underpinned, but underlying geopolitical uncertainty brings the threat of volatility and delivery concerns. By NICK HERBERT.

Allego charges up for PF

European EV charging infrastructure developer and operator Allego is looking at a capex programme of about €1bn over the next five to six years. With its recently financed capex facility expected to last until mid-2024, Allego will need to either extend it or raise new PF debt. By JORDAN BINTCLIFFE.

Building the emerging market PPP base

As PPPs rise in popularity across many of the EBRD’s countries of operation, the bank is scaling and tailoring its impact with new country-specific project preparation facilities and with collaborative advisory services with the World Bank’s IFC. By Cristiana Sandeva.

PPPs in Israel back stronger than ever

Public-private partnerships for infrastructure across Israel are booming and attracting more international developers and financiers to the country. By Cristiana Sandeva

NOOR 2 – Lighting up PPPs

The GCC countries, mainly the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, have recently expanded their use of the PPP model outside the traditional utility, power and water, and oil and gas space and into the social infrastructure space. PPPs have proved to be a great tool to de-risk these replacement projects and maximise the potential for sustainable and cost-effective solutions over the long term. By Savio Tohme, head of PPP and concessions, Maxime Rousselet, technical project development manager, ENGIE Solutions Middle East, and Rohit...

Saudi Arabia and the PPP boom

The significance of public-private partnerships (PPPs) is paramount in the economic transformation of Saudi Arabia. By Ghazali Inam, senior vice-president, corporate banking division, Riyad Bank.

PFI Yearbook

PFI Yearbook 2023

Welcome to the 2023 Refinitiv Project Finance International (PFI) Yearbook. The Yearbook is our annual publication in which we look at the events of 2022 through case studies and the PFI Awards, and look forward into 2023 with a range of themed articles and profiles in the Global section of the book. Transition was the buzz word this year. Transition from the low interest rate, low inflation economic conditions of the last decade to the less benign conditions of today. Transition to the net-zero era of tomorrow. Transition to allow oil and...

Latest Financed Deals

DateProject NameRegionCountrySectorCost (US$m)DeveloperAdvisersStory Link
Faraday Solar ProjectNorth AmericaUnited StatesPower1,400.000Excelsior Energy Capital LPCOHNREZ-CAPAKIN-GUMP, WINSTON-STRAWN, SHEPPARD-MULLIN
Longroad Energy Holdings Renewable Energy Portfolio ProjectNorth AmericaUnited StatesPower, Power, Power600.000Longroad Energy Partners LLC
Summit Ridge Virginia and Illinois Pipeline and Rooftop Community Solar PortfoliNorth AmericaUnited StatesPower275.000Summit Ridge Energy LLC
NTPU Minsheng Campus Industry Academic Cooperation Center & Alumni Hall ProjectAPACTaiwanLeisure & Property93.820Hongwell GroupTWL-LAW, TWL-LAW, CHEN-ASSOC, CHEN-ASSOC-TAI
ContourGlobal Italy Solar Portfolio ProjectEMEAItalyPower216.330ContourGlobal PLC
Spain Heat Pumps & Heat Recovery Systems ProjectEMEASpainWater & Sewerage42.720Endesa SA, Infracapital Partners LPURIA-MENENDEZ, GARRIGUES
Vikings Energy Farm ProjectNorth AmericaUnited StatesPower, Power338.000Rai Energy International, Apex Energy Solution Co Ltd, Arevon Energy IncSTOEL-RIVES-LLP, WINSTON-STRAWN
Maiora Renewables Fund Dacheng Solar Energy Refinancing ProjectAPACTaiwanPower58.760Maiora Renewables Fund IILEE-LI
Yizhu Beimen Xuejia Solar Power ProjectAPACTaiwanPower216.010Win Semiconductors Corp, NFC A Co Ltd, Hontai Life Insurance Co Ltd, Farglory Life Insurance Co Ltd, Mercuries Life Ins Co LtdLEE-LI
26 MW Worldwide Holdings Jeram Waste To Energy Facility ProjectMalaysiaMalaysiaPower, Waste & Recycling112.780Worldwide Holdings BhdASL, KADIRANDRI
Project NameFaraday Solar ProjectLongroad Energy Holdings Renewable Energy Portfolio ProjectSummit Ridge Virginia and Illinois Pipeline and Rooftop Community Solar PortfoliNTPU Minsheng Campus Industry Academic Cooperation Center & Alumni Hall ProjectContourGlobal Italy Solar Portfolio ProjectSpain Heat Pumps & Heat Recovery Systems ProjectVikings Energy Farm ProjectMaiora Renewables Fund Dacheng Solar Energy Refinancing ProjectYizhu Beimen Xuejia Solar Power Project26 MW Worldwide Holdings Jeram Waste To Energy Facility Project
RegionNorth AmericaNorth AmericaNorth AmericaAPACEMEAEMEANorth AmericaAPACAPACMalaysia
CountryUnited StatesUnited StatesUnited StatesTaiwanItalySpainUnited StatesTaiwanTaiwanMalaysia
SectorPowerPower - Power - PowerPowerLeisure & PropertyPowerWater & SeweragePower - PowerPowerPowerPower - Waste & Recycling
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Latest Pipeline Deals

DateProject NameStatusRegionCountrySectorCost (US$m)DeveloperAdvisersStory Link
energyRe Development Pipeline Portfolio Expansion ProjectAnnouncedNorth AmericaUnited StatesPower, Power, Power1,200.000energyRe LLC
Greencore Manufacturing & Distribution Centres Refinancing ProjectAnnouncedEMEAUnited KingdomIndustry, Leisure & Property0.000Greencore Group PLCDC-ADVISORY
Encavis Asset Management Wind & Solar Parks Acquisition ProjectSale CompletedEMEAFrancePower, Power0.000Encavis Asset Mgmt-Renewable
Commonwealth LNG Carbon Capture and Storage ProjectAgreement SignedNorth AmericaUnited StatesOil & Gas0.000Cameron Project LLC, Onstream Co2 Llc
Kwinana Cobalt Nickel Refinery Stage 1 ProjectAgreement SignedAPACAustraliaIndustry, Industry36.990Cobalt Blue Ltd, Iwatani Corp
Virginia Community Solar Portfolio Acquisition ProjectSale CompletedNorth AmericaUnited StatesPower0.000Summit Ridge Energy LLC, Osaka Gas USA Corp, Apex Clean Energy Inc, ESA Solar Energy, Forefront Power LLC, New Leaf Energy Inc, RWE Clean Energy LLC, SolAmerica Energy LLC
Flow Power Bennetts Creek Battery Energy Storage System ProjectGovernment ApprovedAPACAustraliaPower, Power, Power, Power, Power0.000Progressive Green Pty Ltd
Esashi Wind Power Japan Onshore Wind ProjectContract AwardedAPACJapanPower0.000Esashi Wind Power Co Ltd, METI
Mutsu Yokohama Wind Development Japan Onshore Wind ProjectContract AwardedAPACJapanPower0.000METI, Mutsu Yokohama Wind Dvlp Co
Assabu Wind Power Development Japan Onshore Wind ProjectContract AwardedAPACJapanPower0.000METI, Assabu Wind Power Dvlp Co Ltd
Project NameenergyRe Development Pipeline Portfolio Expansion ProjectGreencore Manufacturing & Distribution Centres Refinancing ProjectEncavis Asset Management Wind & Solar Parks Acquisition ProjectCommonwealth LNG Carbon Capture and Storage ProjectKwinana Cobalt Nickel Refinery Stage 1 ProjectVirginia Community Solar Portfolio Acquisition ProjectFlow Power Bennetts Creek Battery Energy Storage System ProjectEsashi Wind Power Japan Onshore Wind ProjectMutsu Yokohama Wind Development Japan Onshore Wind ProjectAssabu Wind Power Development Japan Onshore Wind Project
RegionNorth AmericaEMEAEMEANorth AmericaAPACNorth AmericaAPACAPACAPACAPAC
CountryUnited StatesUnited KingdomFranceUnited StatesAustraliaUnited StatesAustraliaJapanJapanJapan
SectorPower - Power - PowerIndustry - Leisure & PropertyPower - PowerOil & GasIndustry - IndustryPowerPower - Power - Power - Power - PowerPowerPowerPower
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