Onshore wind awarded

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Japanese bidding agency Electric Power Regional Operation Promotion Organization (OCCTO) has selected 20 projects from 50 bids in its third auction for onshore wind projects. The agency was seeking 1GW of capacity and ceiling price was ¥15 per kilowatt-hour (US$0.10/kWh).

It received bids offering a combined capacity of 1,414.28MW. The winning bids were priced between ¥13/kWh and ¥14.50/kWh with the weighted average price at ¥14.08/kWh.

HSE Corp offered the lowest feed-in premium rate of ¥13/kWh and ¥13.40/kWh for 101.4MW. Other big winners include Okayama Corp with 92.4MW at ¥13.75/kWh; JR East Energy Development with 224.87MW at ¥14.25–¥14.50/kWh; and Tokyu Land with 120.37MW and at ¥14.37–¥14.48/kWh.

The other winners are Imabetsu Wind Development with 54.6MW; Dohoku Energy, 53,74MW; Fukushima Wind Development, 46.2MW; Kikonai Wind Development, 46.2MW; Shiriuchi Wind Development, 46.2MW; Mori Wind Development, 46.2MW; Assabu Wind Power Development, 46.2MW; Mutsu Yokohama Wind Development, 37.8MW; and Esashi Wind Power, 37.62MW.

OCCTO, which is under the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry received no bids in November for its second auction for fixed-type offshore wind power. It was offering 190MW and the tariff ceiling, not previously disclosed, was ¥24/kWh. The agency had one qualified bidder that did not make a submission.